Trend #2: Long Gone are the Days of Siloed Marketing and Value-less Data

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No single-channel solution can survive. Long gone are the days of inbound versus outbound, social selling versus content syndication, SEO versus SEM, display versus video advertising. Long gone are the days of caring about each inbound and outbound channel in a vacuum. Your buyers aren’t going to just one place — the journey is complex, across many channels.

$36M yr …creating a different kind of valley company to emulate.

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Life is change, impermanence. Nothing stands still.   For every down there is an equal or greater up. I’ve had my downs.  The more we give away the more we get back. I’ve given… Life appears to be ‘giving to 6sense’ right now…I am grateful.    Thank you to the amazing remarkable, brilliant, loving, fun, hilariously funny, curious, ...