Synchronicity. Salesforce Invests in 6sense, Deal Closes in Underwear.

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Julie Bort from BusinessInsider did a great job covering one of my favorite chapters of 6sense…

It’s about time women tech leaders do business in a members-only club, and in our underwear! I talk frequently about the power of synchronicity and manifestation, that if you believe something w positive intention and emotion, anything is possible. Believe it before it is reality as if it is true, and it is yours. This is a great example of that. I didn’t know how, but I believed that the deal would complete that day. And it unfolded in the most synchronistic amazing way.

My Mentors

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When I am asked who my role model is in life, I think immediately to my two brothers… they are both inspirations and remarkable people. Taking a moment today to be thankful for them and oozing with pride, as Aaron Kahlow shares with the world he sold his second business. And now joins as CEO of PopExpert along side a kindred spirit Ingrid Sanders. Here’s the accomplishment in his own words.

$36M yr …creating a different kind of valley company to emulate.

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Life is change, impermanence. Nothing stands still.   For every down there is an equal or greater up. I’ve had my downs.  The more we give away the more we get back. I’ve given… Life appears to be ‘giving to 6sense’ right now…I am grateful.    Thank you to the amazing remarkable, brilliant, loving, fun, hilariously funny, curious, ...