Trend #2: Long Gone are the Days of Siloed Marketing and Value-less Data

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No single-channel solution can survive. Long gone are the days of inbound versus outbound, social selling versus content syndication, SEO versus SEM, display versus video advertising. Long gone are the days of caring about each inbound and outbound channel in a vacuum. Your buyers aren’t going to just one place — the journey is complex, across many channels.

How To Use Predictive Intelligence to Target the Right Buyers and Close More Deals

With 60 to 90 percent of buyers making their purchase decisions before they hit an organization’s sales funnel, marketing and sales are turning to predictive intelligence to capture unknown prospects and target the right leads. As I have been working with enterprise companies on their lead generation pain points for over 14 years, there are several ...

Achieving the Coveted Marketing and Sales Handshake

What does it take to capture and close higher quality leads? It’s a question that takes center stage for every B2B enterprise, and the answer lies in the alignment of sales and marketing teams. Marketing has traditionally been viewed as a strictly “pre-sales” discipline—kept separate and silo-ed from the majority of the sales process. When ...