6 Guiding Principles to Success; Reflecting on 6sense’s Birthday

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Happy Birthday to 6sense!

3 years ago today I officially formed 6sense. What an incredible 3 years. It’s all a bit surreal, but a dream. I have never loved my life more. Not because of the incredible product we built, not because of the crazy money we’ve raised, not because the market is calling us the leader in our space, but simply because of the humans that were but strangers just 3 years ago and are now nothing short of family.

Our value statement is ‘We are a Passionate Positive F.A.M.I.L.Y.”  (Fun, Accountable, Mindful, Integrity, Love and YES!) The 6sensors make me crazy excited to get up every day. To fight the good fight for them.

Taking a moment from my hotel room in Chicago before having dinner with the CEO of United Airlines to look back and reflect. I’m frequently asked what words of wisdom do I have for others working to make their dreams come true – how did I do it?  While yes, you have to be ready to sacrifice a lot, and truly dedicate your life to your dream, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice when having so much fun.

6 Guiding Principles to 6sense’s Success

  1. Don’t be attached to outcomes. You will fail if you focus on outcomes. Focus on the journey. A journey that will take you down roads you may not have anticipated. Embrace each path, each bumpy road…. another challenge.  Every obstacle is a better solution looking for a home.
  2. When you are at the top, others will try to bring you down. Our competition has done some outright dirty tricks to ‘try’ to win. We won’t ever go there. We won’t respond. Trust that Karma will take care of it. And never forget our core value: positivity. And if you are fortunate to have others trying to take you down, remember this is because you are winning. Be flattered.
  3. Enter every meeting, every project with intention. Set a vision. Don’t just walk through life aimlessly. It takes time and effort to do this. Don’t just say it, do it. Every day, every interaction.
  4. Listen, then be heard. We can’t win for our customers if we don’t first seek to understand.
  5. My job as CEO has been said to do 3 things:
    • Keep money in the bank
    • Build the vision of the company
    • Care for and love your people… Build the culture. #3!!! What is culture? Culture is not the frills and benefits… but the connection to each other. The love, trust, no ego support to bring out the best in each other. An environment where people feel heard and a part of something greater than themselves… working with crazy passion for the same mission. We have this in spades. This is the single greatest reason I hold high confidence in our success. What we have is not normal. We have a higher connection to the universe, creating energy together… a force-field of love, brilliance and passion that can overcome anything that comes our way. That is culture.
  6. Breathe and do everything you do with love and heart. Love what you are doing! Love your customers. Love your product. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, and love YOURSELF first and foremost. I have never loved me more. And in turn, I feel that I have infinite capacity to love all those around me. I’m not afraid to bring love into the workplace.