Why I Insisted on a Woman! Welcome to the 6sense Family Christine Heckart!

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One of 50 most powerful women in technology brings 27 years of experience to the 6sense board of directors 

Today I cannot be more thrilled to announce Christine Heckart to the 6sense board of directors. I am a big believer in the power of intention and positive thinking. We create our reality through our thoughts. A few months back we started on a search. In the spirit of intention setting, I created a list of everything I wanted this person to be…everything 6sense needed… everything I needed… not only the career attributes and experience but who they are as a person.

Christine is everything we were looking for and so much more. And I’m proud to say the first and most important criteria was ‘they need to be a woman,’ followed by deep domain expertise and our customers’ perspective. We were five men and me. Why was it important for me to find a woman?

Women tend to possess an innate skillset that caters towards communication, empathy and emotional intelligence. Research has actually found that companies with more women on their boards outperform their rivals with a 42 percent higher return on sales, 66 percent higher return on invested capital and 53 percent higher return on equity.

Paired with her deep understanding of the dynamic marketing ecosystem, Christine will bring a fresh perspective to the board. The best teams have a diverse set of skills and backgrounds to foster creative thinking and innovation… something we continuously strive for at 6sense.

When looking for a new board member, I wanted and needed someone that can help me be my best self (in and out of the board room), for my customers, my employees, investors and those in the community where I’m humbly very aware of the example I’m setting for other women. Christine has 10+ years of experience as an enterprise technology CMO. She is brilliant, a fast-thinker, humble and has a wonderful, pure heart (a non-negotiable quality). I lead with heart (followed by passion and tenacity). Six words into our conversation I could feel the same from her.

The 6sense board is complete with operators and investors. Prior to Christine, we welcomed Steve Walske with 10+ years of experience running enterprise sales…famous for never missing a quarter for 10 years running. For those of you familiar with enterprise sales, this is ridiculously impressive. Enterprise sales are known for being unpredictable and lumpy… ups and downs. He brings the rigor and discipline.

Steve is courted by many startups. His decision to join a board depends on whether he believes the business can scale to become a billion-dollar-plus company. Steve chose our board because he’s confident 6sense has the vision, the clear market differentiation, the leadership team, the technology and the enterprise-grade ‘happy’ customers to be one of those companies.

My favorite part of this story… I was told I would be hard-pressed to find someone of Christine’s caliber willing to join our board. After speaking with numerous bright and talented female CMOs that would have been spectacular additions to the board, Christine stood out… she really got our space… had great product ideas (one we are already executing on), and I just felt that intangible level of trust. She had it all.

We’re beyond excited to have Christine join the team and can’t wait to see where we take 6sense together!