Life Will Just ‘Be’

By Tuesday, October 6, 2015 No tags Permalink 28

For every up there is an equal and opposite down. If there is good, there is bad. But what if we choose to not see things as positive or negative… just as they are…just as ‘is’…accept every moment for what is is and what it is not, nothing in life stands still… life is impermanent. The only truth is that whatever is today will no longer be here tomorrow. Change is the only truth.

This week I will experience a few ‘bucket list’ moments, including meeting the first lady, prime minister of India. But life decided to hand me a few obstacles that make those moments seem so unimportant… my love Calvin is going through very tough health issues, and my mom passed out on the street yesterday and we spent the day/night in the ER. My mom is going to be fine, but seeing all the other homeless patients in the ER brought me to sobbing tears on multiple occasions as I left my moms ‘posh’ corner room and they had tons of beds in the hall. I’ve been to the ER a few times in my life and never have I been so affected. Using this as my lesson to ‘be’… not get sad, not be too happy, but be and accept in all this good and all this perceived ‘bad,’ life will just be. I am thankful for my Buddhism teaching…my spirituality to provide perspective.