How To Live Beautifully

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How to live beautifully: give and love with no expectation of return. This piece by Deena Bustillo, Livingly’s Managing Editor, makes me smile: 

AMANDA KAHLOW is the founder and CEO of 6sense, a predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales, which is impressive in its own right. The fact that only 6.5% of venture-backed startups have a female CEO makes it even sweeter.

And being a female leader isn’t new to Kahlow. Even before her 6sense endeavor, she spent 14 years as the CEO and founder of CI Insights, a big-data services company.

On top of paving the way for more female leaders in the tech field and beyond, Kahlow uses her knowledge and expertise to inspire young women around the world as an advisor for the organization Girls Rising. The global campaign aims to educate girls in developing countries and inspire social change.

Kahlow also keeps the conversation about women in leadership going on her blog 6.5sense. “The root of the problem starts at home and in schools, where girls are raised lacking the confidence to believe in themselves. It starts with a child’s dream. We’ve come a long way, and girls are increasingly dreaming of being business-women beyond secretarial positions, but the dream of leading at the top still alludes most,” she wrote in one post.

As an inspiring woman, we asked Kahlow in an email interview to answer our questions about living beautifully and a moment that changed her life forever.

What does living beautifully mean to you?

Living with an open heart, listening and seeking to understand others before self. Showing up physically, mentally and spiritually every day. To be my best self, inside and out.

Taking care of my physical health (working out 7 days a week), spiritual health – meditating and affirmations daily, and not letting any work challenge bring me down. Knowing and reminding myself that every challenge is an opportunity for a greater solution, to do better than where we are today. This comes into play in my personal life and work.

And what makes you feel most beautiful?

Giving to others, with no expectation of return. No matter big or small, when I do, nothing feels better and nothing makes me feel better about myself.

When it comes to your accomplishments, what at are you most proud of?

Learning to love my family unconditionally, despite any circumstances or events.

Describe one moment that changed your life forever.

Almost 2 years ago today, at One Market St., SF. Starbucks coffee was where I met my co-founder, partner in crime CTO / co-founder, Viral Bajaria. Meeting this amazing team of developers is the reason 6sense is the success we are. I am forever grateful for this moment. Humbled [Bajaria] chose me, believed in my vision, and trusted me to lead us.

Give us a piece of advice you wish someone had told you earlier.

If you change your thoughts you can change your life. You are in control of everything in your world. All we have and all we are are a result of a previous thought. Meditate and focus on the positive and believe you have it, as if it is already here, and it will be yours.

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