Love and Culture, One and the Same

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Taking a moment to be thankful and note what culture means to me: We are 2+ years in and we have had only 1 employee voluntary churn (she left with nothing but positive things to say of 6sense to start her own company). Apparently I inspired her – can’t argue with that. Today my VP of marketing Alison Murdock messaged our head of sales Pablo Pollard and me that she missed us (while on vacation). Sunday night I got a text from a 6sensor (“I’m excited tomorrow is a Monday and I get to go to work. Am I Crazy?”). We hug, tell each other we love each other and we all LOVE what we are building. In my mind, that is culture…building a team that is ALL IN together. That is supportive and passionate about the company, the product and most of all each other! I love 6sensors with all my heart, and I’m not afraid to shout it from the roof-top…Here’s to creating a different kind of Valley tech startup!