Look up and you will find a silver-lining; Thank you Oscar Munoz (CEO of United Airlines) for mine

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If God wills it, one day I dream of being a public company Ceo… Just had dinner w the most humble, gracious, compassionate man… A leader, a role model I could only dream to emulate … Ceo of United Airlines, @Oscar Munoz. The universe brought him to me for a reason. His story of beating the odds, not letting others bring him down, and his commitment to walk thru life w a huge heart brought me to tears (which I of course hid). I felt instantly connected to him as if I’d known him my whole life… A shared commitment to leading life w empathy… Gratitude for my new friend. And ironically came to me after what I cold have been perceived as a not so fun situation of misaligned ethics of someone I thought I trusted… Or maybe not so ironically! Silver-lining! There is always a silver lining if we look up (for it). Ps… The waiter told me when sitting down.. “Don’t know who you are or who you are having dinner w tonight but you are sitting in Oprah’s seat… We don’t just sit anyone here .”…

When I arrived in United lounge I told the ladies at the desk I just had dinner w Oscar… the 3 ladies, and one man working the desk couldn’t stop gushing over what a difference he has made… ‘no one I’ve ever worked for has cared the way Oscar does’, ‘ he comes to see us and crowds swarm him… he’s so patient and really cares about everyone’s stories.’, ‘he is super human to us on the ground…’ it went on for about 20 minutes. I took it all in and told them I’d be sure to share with him. It was one of the most beautiful moments of human appreciation I’ve experienced. He’s clearly made a big difference on them. I can only hope to do the same as we grow … thank you for the reminder, the inspiration to be my best self in every moment. And to walk thru life truly caring about others above all else.