What can B2B Marketers Learn from Stephen Covey?

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When I was 22 I discovered this book. There is no doubt his works have had a tremendous impact on my life. Shortly after finishing the book, I started my first company.

So what can B2B marketers learn from Stephen…. Upon reflection, subconsciously I think I built the 6sense product around the 5th Habit. One that all marketers should live by… a pretty simple premise. “First seek to understand then seek to be understood.” We are listening to signals of data to understand buyers needs. We tell our customers when prospects are in market to buy their products. So as marketers our customers can connect to their prospects with messages that resonate to their needs. Not what they want them to hear about their products, but address how their products can help address current pain points.

Every message you send, every touch, every communication… should start with first taking time to appreciate your customers pain and needs. Its sounds obvious but look at your marketing and prospect emails and you’d be surprised how often we forget this simple truth.