A Moment to Be Thankful for the ‘Godfather’ of 6sense

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I love this post that was originally on the 6sense blog:

Michael Metz ran Web Marketing and Strategy at Cisco for 8 years from the late 90’s up to a few years ago. Mike (and his go to manager Helen Lechner) saw the promise data long before ‘big data’ was a word. Long before predictive.

Mike and Amanda were asked if they would speak at an event together. Below is his response on how he would introduce Amanda. 6sense is humbled by his kind words about our fearless leader. 6sense is a product built based on a real business need. 14 years in the making…

“Nearly 15 years ago a fast-talking young woman with bangs nearly covering her cat’s-eye glasses sold services to us at Cisco Systems and began performing acts we at the time considered magical. She would tell us not only how many people were visiting our web properties, how long they stayed and how often they returned, and even what they were doing when they visited. (Remember this was the early 90’s.)

Over the years she worked with us, Ms. Kahlow raised the bar with her magic, telling us who our visitors were, what their interests were, what and how much they were likely to buy and when they were likely to buy it. Eventually she would tell us which customers’ companies were expanding, where they were growing and how fast—magical insights. You can imagine how pleased Cisco’s salespeople were to receive this information and how positively this affected our business.

Today we live in a world where data is all around us, allowing a degree of knowledge about customers and potential customers that we couldn’t imagine 15 years ago. We live in a world where that data can be used for marketing, for sales, for customer support, for amazing things but also for things not so amazing—for things ethical and not ethical, for positive and negative, for good guys and for bad guys. Today we need not just magic, but intelligence, insight and even morality when making decisions about data. I’m proud to say I cannot imagine anyone I would rather have making decisions about my personal data, my company’s data or my customers’ data than Ms. Amanda Kahlow, and I’m delighted to introduce her to the audience today.”

6sense values being thankful and giving credit where credit is due. Thanks Mike for your kind words about Amanda. Thank you for seeing something in her and her predictive vision… investing millions of R&D on Cisco’s dime. ;)

This message also benchmarks how far predictive intelligence, and 6sense, have come. We are proud of our story, and thrilled to be on this journey. And will never forget it would never be possible without amazing customers like you!