Trend #1: Artificial intelligence proliferates B2B marketing and sales

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It’s not news that we are in the dawn of the machine intelligence era across all industries, all verticals. Artificial intelligence will disrupt every interaction, every industry, and will be at the heart of every advancement technology.

Long gone are the days of getting excited about analytics, reporting and optimizing business. Those that win today will not just optimize workflow, process, and be predictive — they will be prescriptive. Intelligence is not information. Intelligence is action leading to measurable advances. Machine intelligence is forward thinking… not backward looking.

We went from the industrial age, where machines took over manpower to the information age, where every answer to every problem, question or connection was at our fingertips. In the age of artificial intelligence, not only can we get answers to every imaginable question, but also the supercomputers in our pockets will know what we want and need. Every system, every application, every tool we use, every toy we play with will be optimized for ideal conditions. Sellers will be connected to buyers before they even know they have a need.

For marketers, every interaction will be prescribed based on “math” to determine the right person to reach with the right message to encourage the best possible outcome — ultimately moving them to the next stage of their buyer’s journey to a sale. The days of guessing, spraying and praying are over. Humans can come out of the equation, and machines will do the planning, strategizing and execution to grow your business.

Why now?

  1. Technology is here. We have the back-end data processing and storage technology to support the real big data challenge. Gone are the days of storing data in relational tables, and running into cardinality issues and inabilities to do true n-dimensional segmentation. Data is stored and processed in its raw form, preserving every data point to later be crossed-correlated and queried.
  1. Data is here. 90% of the world’s data was created in the last year. Everyone and everything is connected. We are all walking around with supercomputers in our pockets. Our cars, houses, boats, planes, and the ocean floor are all embedded with supercomputers; every interaction is tracked, connected and correlated.
  1. Science. We are in the dawn of machine learning and of models running on open-source code base, self-correcting and learning over time. We are no longer reliant on expensive static analysis software tools that require ungodly manpower to build and run a model…Only to find out your model didn’t give you exactly the answer you were looking for and you had to start over.
  1. The business need. For B2B marketers specifically (my domain expertise), the universe is expanding. Buyers are controlling the journey, self-educating and doing their purchase research long before filling out a form (entering marketing automation system) or being willing to take a call from a sales rep. To win, marketers are desperate to get in front of buyers early. But with the vast digital world in which we live, wastage is a huge problem. There are thousands of options of where to spend money to reach customers. CMOs hold the largest budgets on the planet, now ahead of CIOs. Scott Brinker has highlighted around 1800 marketing tech vendors that help to reach and message to small siloed segments across the universe. (See my next post about the rise of connecting the universe. Solutions that can connect the dots will win.) Marketers must be smarter than themselves, smarter than the human brain to win and compete, to find buyers with a real need, where they are, and message them with the right message. Someone must connect the dots across the vast digital ecosystem to find buyers where they naturally go for information and when they have a need.

Enter 6sense: The first and only complete-picture buyer’s journey from anonymous to known across all channels to buyers early when they have a need.

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