$36M yr …creating a different kind of valley company to emulate.

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Life is change, impermanence. Nothing stands still.  
For every down there is an equal or greater up. I’ve had my downs. 
The more we give away the more we get back. I’ve given…
Life appears to be ‘giving to 6sense’ right now…I am grateful.   
Thank you to the amazing remarkable, brilliant, loving, fun, hilariously funny, curious, conscientious and kind 6sensors (our team). 
Thank you universe for the market with a need.
Thank you customers for believing in us.  

Thank you to the greater powers that be for my peace of mind. My clarity. Life is finding stillness among it all.  

This is one chapter of many. It’s not in the destination but the journey. Happiness is not something we seek. It is who we are… now. I am.


 Today, I’m excited to announce that 6sense has raised $20 million in Series B funding – led by new investor Bain Capital Ventures, with follow-on investment from Battery Ventures and Venrock. We have now raised $36 million total, less than a year after closing Series A and launching our predictive intelligence platform BCV partner Indy Guha will join the 6sense board.

 Success is not the money you raise. Success is not the customers you sign. Success is not the product you build.  Success is not the size of your exit or the competition you bury along the way… Success is living with strong sense of purpose, love and ease. If I can do this, all the rest will fall into place.

Now it’s time for me to take a step back, reflect and share my thoughts…

This startup thing has been a remarkable ride beyond any of my wildest expectations. The 6sense team has hit every milestone we set for ourselves, and more. I feel incredibly blessed to be living my dream. Not just for myself but all those around me. I am an eternal optimist with a healthy amount of skepticism and curiosity. I am always dreaming, what’s next. What more can we do?… As I sit down to write a post about our exciting $36m funding announcement, I’m drawn to share a bit behind Amanda Kahlow. I’m asked all the time: “How did you do it?  How did you break the glass ceiling?” I struggle with an answer because to me there is no ‘it’.

Every day is an adventure, with new challenges, new excitements, new ideas…  I never really dreamed of being an ‘entrepreneur,’ however I guess I’ve been one for the majority of my adult life. Just never thought of it that way. I don’t read about everyone else’s news… I don’t follow the valley gossip columns. I have friends that define themselves in social media as a “startup CEO”’ or “entrepreneur’. While on paper I fit that definition, to me it’s always been about seeing an opportunity, a challenge and bullishly going for it with all I have… with passion, enthusiasm, tenacity  and uber amounts of confidence. To stop at nothing, to give all I have and keep going despite what comes along the way. To look at every challenge as an opportunity to grow. A better solution looking for a home. I rarely look back or sideways… I charge forward, in the now. The 6sense team will tell you I have little tolerance for comparing our selves to the ‘so-called’ competition. I believe with every ounce of my being we are doing something game-changing for B2B marketers. What we have built works. And works incredibly well. We have to just stay focused on our vision and nothing will stop us.

Of all that has transpired over the last year I am most proud of the team, and culture we’re building. I start my every day meditating on my balcony asking the universe for guidance… How can we build the absolute best product we can? How can we create an environment where each individual feels supported, heard and above all loved.

I’m not afraid to tell people I love them on a daily basis and pride myself on a team of ‘next  generation founders’… all working incredibly hard for a common goal… that goal however is not the next $19B exit (which I think we have a real shot at)…. But a goal to make our customers not just happy but delighted and heroes within their organizations.   On New Year’s Eve, I asked everyone come to the office… they thought it was just another day of work. But instead, I lead everyone through a group meditation, then an exercise to create their 2015 personal and professional vision boards.

I wasn’t sure how it would be received. But people stayed for hours building their visions and sharing. Several employees got very emotional to the point of tears, and one I will never forget said she had never taken the time to think about what she really wanted from her life… It’s moments like this when I know I’m on my life’s purpose. We are building incredible technology but doing so with a sense of purpose for each of us as individuals and as a collective whole. When employees care as much if not more about customer success as I do, you know what you’re doing is working.

Our product is based on a pretty simple premise. One that I try to live by. “First seek to understand then seek to be understood.” (Steven Covey) We are listening to signals of data to understand buyers needs. We tell our customers when prospects are in market to buy their products. So as marketers our customers can connect to their prospects with messages that resonate to their needs. Not what they want them to hear about their products, but address how their products can help address current pain points.

This is a hard problem. It can’t be solved with technology alone. It can’t be solved with just data. It can’t be solved with just great math. You need the big data technology DNA, the data (and a ton of it), great math, but let’s not forget the most important ingredient… the people/the team. A company is nothing, and product is nothing without a world class team. I am blessed with the best team a leader could ask for.

My co-founder and CTO Viral Bajaria is not only brilliant at creating a back-end big data store leaps and bounds above the rest of the market (for any application) but he is the most humble genuine hard-working, caring man I’ve ever met. I must have crazy good karma to have him and our two other remarkable co-founders Premal Shah and Dustin Chang to be my partners on this journey. I truly love my team with every ounce of my being. And no I’m not afraid to say this publicly. I am committed to being authentic. And give Silicon Valley something different to emulate.

A close second to team is our focus on customer love. We are eternally committed to customer happiness and excellence. I stand proud to say we have been battle-tested by some of the smartest marketers in B2B, including two award winning Sirius Decisions B2B marketers in 2014. We are winning over the forward thinking brightest minds in the space. This is my measure of success.

Our mission is to transformation of B2B marketing and sales prospecting.    We are they only predictive marketing and sales solution that sees the entire buyer journey, connecting customers data to the rest of the B2B intent universe. We have an incredible opportunity ahead and I’m forever grateful to be at the helm.      

Over the next few days, several members of the 6sense team will be sharing their stories and views on this chapter. Share yours, too @6senseInc.