Achieving the Coveted Marketing and Sales Handshake

What does it take to capture and close higher quality leads? It’s a question that takes center stage for every B2B enterprise, and the answer lies in the alignment of sales and marketing teams. Marketing has traditionally been viewed as a strictly “pre-sales” discipline—kept separate and silo-ed from the majority of the sales process. When dealing with slower-to-close deals, as is the case within B2B, integration between sales and marketing is key. This especially holds true in light of the fact that 70% of marketing leads never convert to sales (Marketing Sherpa), primarily due to lack of lead nurturing—and we would argue, nurturing the wrong leads.

Advances in technology, specifically predictive modeling and big data aggregation, have the potential to take marketing-sales engagement processes from basic to even better. For a few steps to start generating higher conversion rates through better alignment of marketing and sales, read my full blog post.