Reflections on the 6Sense Launch

It feels like in two days, an entire month went by. Last Monday 6Sense officially emerged out of stealth and announced $12 million in funding by our incredible investors. On May 20 I formally addressed our launch at DataBeat’s Innovation Showdown, which I am proud to say that 6Sense won. 6Sense has received incredible press coverage, including TechCrunch, Dow Jones, WSJ, along with promising leads.

I live in a world of high expectations: high expectations for myself, for my company, and for my team. It’s high expectations that have set the bar for the product and insights we deliver to our customers. I was repeatedly told how in the startup world, the team is the single most important ingredient for success. And as 6Sense takes it’s first steps out of stealth, I couldn’t agree more. I’d like to take a moment to thank them:

  • Viral Bajaria—my partner in crime and a remarkably brilliant, positive person who is continuously finding solutions and driving the amazing company culture at 6Sense.
  • Our crazy (in a good way!) big data engineering talent, including Premal Shah, Shane Moriah, Dustin Chang, Jameel Al-Aziz, and Scott Robertson.
  • Our (rapidly expanding) world-class, PhD math team, including Mio Alter, Yulia Tyutina, and Eyal Amir. They are forever making intellectual data jokes about 1’s and 0’s that are way over my head.
  • My superstar client services lead Pete Shum, an unbelievably smart workaholic.
  • The 6Sense marketing team, including Alison Murdock and Meryl Draper, who far exceeded launch expectations. And far exceed my expectations daily. They are a well oiled machine.

I see our launch to be a validation of the tremendous opportunity for 6Sense’s offering. The most exciting part of our journey over the last so many months is the momentum and market receptivity of 6Sense. As I discussed with Ingrid Lunden from TechCrunch, we weren’t a bunch of smart SF technical co-founders building ground-breaking technology in search of a business case to apply it to. We built our product over the last 5 years from a real customer need.

I’ve always thought that entrepreneurs are smart if they come up with a good idea. But entrepreneurs are lucky to come up with a good business idea when the market is ready. The 6Sense vision has become crystal clear during our time in stealth: We are creating a new category of predictive intelligence—one which the B2B market needs, and needs right now. At the Sirius Decisions conference in Orlando 2000 B2B marketers responded that the #1 thing they were going to invest in this year was “predictive”. I got butterflies of anticipation and excitement when I saw the poll results pop up on the screen.   

That being said, one of the biggest challenges ahead is overcoming the impassivity towards the term “big data”. For the past few years, everyone has seen the hype around big data, but few have actually actioned and implemented big data solutions to change businesses for the better. It’s time to define the ‘big’ in big data as the big impact, not the size of the data or how fast we can process it or how we store it.  

At 6Sense, our ultimate dream is for data to power all sales and marketing systems, in every way—from every interaction between marketing and sales, to every touch-point with a prospect, to every lead vetted for a sale. The future is about letting data not only guide, but forecast businesses. Indeed, as I mentioned in DataBeat’s CRM Data, Predictive Analytics, & Lead Scoring Apps panel last week: The data is available, the technology is here, and predictive can now can grow our businesses. 

From a personal standpoint, the journey thus far has been an incredible example of the power of positive intention. My advice to new entrepreneurs is to be your vision. Write it, envision it, manifest it, see it and feel it as if it were already happening. And anytime you find yourself doubting your path, change your thinking towards the positive. Move your thinking towards something positive that you can believe, and then slowly move that thought to your highest dreams.    When it came to building 6Sense, I had to believe in our vision every step of the way—and I still do: Each morning I wake up and affirm, “I am the CEO of a successful SaaS predictive sales company. Today, I am going to help my customers reach their goals. I am the CEO of a company with happy delighted customers who are thriving with our results.”

While the launch is super exciting, I can only think about all that we have ahead of us. I’m realistic about our recent successes, and I know that while we have achieved some incredible early milestones we have a long hard road ahead.  That said, I will remind myself daily that it’s the journey, not the destination. I will do my best to look upon every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, and do better. One of my favorite little personal sayings is: “every problem is a solution looking for a better home.”